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The Loddon Vale TRF is a group of members who enjoy riding their bikes on legal trails

It’s all about Bikes

We ride mainly in Berkshire and Hampshire, but also in parts of Sussex, Bucks, Wilts and Oxon. We make occasional forays into Wales, Devon and Yorkshire. Group members also go overseas – France, Morocco, Spain, Andorra, Tunisia and India are some of the destinations visited by members.

Our runs cater for people of all abilities, from absolute beginners to those with decades of experience of riding all over the world. We take particular care to make sure that we don’t lose anybody in the mud– which can get pretty deep in our part of the country in winter! The runs normally include a lunchtime stop at a pub en-route and this is a good break point if you want just a half day of fun.

Members and counting

Choosing a bike is always a matter of personal preference, but your choice may well depend on your inside leg measurement and whether you are sick of kick starting! In the short, tight, muddy lanes in this area the bigger ‘desert‘ style bikes are too tall, and heavy for most of us! In general, the best bikes to start with are four-strokes in the 200 to 400cc range. Smaller bikes can be hard work riding to and from and between the lanes. Larger bikes can be tiring to ride in the lanes, especially if muddy or slippery.

“ Well it’s been an awful long time in coming but, as some of you already know, the video about ‘A Year In The Life of a Trail Rider’ that I started making in 2004! Is ready.........8 years later in 2012 and its now called ‘Trail Riders’. “

The DVD has 2 hours of footage  which includes commentary, interviews, ride outs, holidays, meetings, the TRF and much more.

To order a copy, just click on the DVD picture on the left. - You will be taken to a separate web-site.

Green-Lanes & Trails

There are green lanes, minor unsurfaced roads, all over Britain.

Some are historical transit routes: prehistoric trade routes; Roman roads; Celtic holloways; Saxon hare-paths; drove roads and turnpikes. Others might have just been lanes to the mill or the pub. Many are very old and evidence of their use as public roads with rights of way for wheeled vehicles can often be found in historical documents. Hundreds of miles of these historic routes have been mapped out by the TRF.

They are part of the network of public rights of way which exist throughout England and Wales (such clearly-defined rights do not exist in Scotland). The ones that we are interested in are Unclassified County Roads (UCRs) - which may appear on Landranger OS maps as ‘Other road, drive or track’; and Byways Open to All Traffic (BOATs). These are the ones on which it is legal for us to ride. Perhaps we should qualify that and say usually legal because only by reference to ‘The Definitive Map’ (which is complied by each local council) can we be completely sure that vehicular rights exist. Usually, we can’t use footpaths or bridleways although there are bridleways with vehicular rights!

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The best way to get more information would be to come along to our monthly meeting

The Swan at Three Mile Cross

Basingstoke Road

Three Mile Cross

Reading, Berks


Second Tuesday of each month at 8pm.

 (Meet in the bar from 7:30 pm)

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