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Enduros Rallies & Road Rides

The Loddon group also has an active section that take part in other off-road disciplines such as Endurance riding (Enduros) and Rallies.   Although we all enjoy a little bit of competition it also helps hone your bike control skills and improve your endurance and stamina for those really long trail days.

Enduros are conventionally held on closed off road courses, usually on farms with the aim of completing as many laps as possible in the allocated time.  You  usually have to minimise any time when you are stationary to maximise your lap count.

Rallies are slightly different in that the course is normally in a large open forest with 3 daily laps of around 45 - 75 miles.  Dotted around the course are special timed sections where you have to cover the section is the fastest time possible to score points.   The trails that link these sections can be taken at your own pace since they are un-timed

Rallies are effectively long trail rides with the opportunity to let off some steam within the confines of a closed course - something that you cannot legally do on the trails.  Rallies and Enduros are held all over the UK with the majority of the Rallies taking place in the rich forests of Wales or Yorkshire.

We also hold regular closed  course events throughout the year where we hire a moto-x park for our sole use to give our members a bit of fun without the pressure .

So where can we ride?

Guided Ride outs

The Loddon Vale group has now amassed a large number of local routes which are regularly ridden by members.  We also hold monthly club ride outs whereby any member can come along and ride the trails with us.

Once you become confident about riding off-road you can then look at putting your own routes together.  We will help train any member with the skills of map-reading and identifying legal trails  using ordnance survey maps.

Map reading is  vital skill in the trail riders armoury  and it is highly recommended that members are confident with map reading and location identification. One thing each member of the TRF has always been passionate about is the exploration of green lanes, and, the best way to find them is to join a local group and……….Go trail riding

The TRF have a code of conduct for their members.  Trail Riding is only lawful on public roads.  All motorcycles and their riders must be road legal and all green lanes are subject to the same laws as surfaced roads.

Wheels can damage crops and grass and wandering from the road onto farmland or moorland is trespassing. Riders should keep to the defined way across farmland.

On narrow lanes it’s courteous to stop and switch off engines and give way to walkers and horses .  All gates should be fastened to safeguard livestock.  Ride at a reasonable speed taking into account conditions and visibility and ride quietly since green lanes are subject to the same laws as surfaced roads

Follow the country code by respecting those who live, work and play in it.   Green lanes can be special habitats and special care should be taken in spring and summer.

Acknowledge other green lane users with a friendly wave and be happy to identify yourself as a TRF member.

“We don’t just ride trails”