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Lane Closures

Road Closures and Traffic Regulation Orders

Occasionally, the local authorities have to close a road or lane for maintenance.  These closures are called ‘Traffic Regulation Orders’ or TRO’s.  It is unfortunate that there are some riders and drivers who either ignore these signs and continue to use a route or do not know that a route is closed.

It is also a disappointing fact that councils are closing down the byway network due to budgetary cuts and removing vehicular rights from these routes.  Once this happens, the route is lost forever.

The TRF and our group in particular is actively pursuing voluntary restraint, so that we will refrain from using a route whilst it is under maintenance with the proviso that  the closure is only temporary.    We continue to discuss options with local councils to ensure that the network is prevented from shrinking for the enjoyment of future generations.

Current Closures and TRO’s for our District are maintained on our members forum.

For more information or to notify us of a closure - email

Please don’t ride on closed routes.  

It does not help our cause and is illegal.

 It is the responsibility of the rider to check that a route is open before riding.


We are very privileged in the UK to have an organization called the Trail Riders Fellowship and ever since they formed in 1970 they’ve been heavily involved in preserving access to, and helping maintain standards of, public rights of way throughout the whole of England and Wales in order to counter threats from the 1968 Countryside Act and to provide assistance to trail riders.  It’s an organization that represents responsible trail riders and has a very active interest in preserving historic public rights of way for the benefit of, NOT just trail riders, but ALL user groups.

Giving back to the community

We are aware that not everyone  rides responsibly when on the trails.  The TRF  (and in particular the Loddon Vale group) is very active at promoting safe and sustainable riding out to the community .

We take part in voicing our concerns with local councils and authorities to ensure that our point of view is heard.  We also actively engage with nuisance riders to encourage them to ride with responsibility

Our motto is "Protecting Green Lanes" and that is inscribed on their logo from the outset.  We work to ensure local councils and highways authorities carry out their statutory rights of way issues, campaigning for the fair and equitable treatment of all countryside and user groups including lobbying government against the exercise of prejudice in respect of countryside access issues.