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The Trial Riders Fellowship is a national organisation with groups all over the UK with members around the country able to share their local trails with you.

When joining you will be asked to nominate your preferred local group as well as any other groups you are interested in locally and further afield.

Loddon Vale TRF

The group holds monthly members meetings on the second Wednesday of every month at Jekyll and Hyde on the A33 Hartley Wespall RG27 0AX starting at 8PM.

Here we discuss matters relating to local green road conservation as well as share information on routes, equipment. We also enjoy talks on a range of subjects from members and a diverse range of guest speakers.

We have an active Facebook page and Forum we are a social bunch and you can always find help and advice along with a fair bit on banter! To gain access to either you need to be a member of the TRF.

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